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Image by Jay Wennington

14 Day-Advanced Obedience Training

Your dog comes and lives with the trainer for 14 days. Our day starts at 630 A.M. ends at 8 P.M. During this time we spend the day building your dogs confidence and understanding through structure.

Throughout the day we focus on marker training, loose leash walking and follow through with basic commands such as recall, down, leave it, place, heel and kennel. 

During the second week of training we introduce e collar and proof behavior around distractions. Dogs will go out into the world on field trips to Petsmart, Lowes, and local hiking trails to life proof training.

We GUARANTEE your dog can be off leash after this training. And we provide 3 one hour follow up lessons to lock in the results. 

We also send weekly pupdates, photos and video.

This program is ideal for folks who want amazing results quickly.

2 Week Advanced Obedience Training: Services
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